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May 21, 2018  •  2 Comments

Over the last few years I have had some great opportunities to assist a number of talented photographers capture one of the most special days of many peoples lives....Your Wedding Day. Its always special covering a wedding and getting to share that day of joy with the couple and the ones who love them most. So now that I have experienced what it takes to be an excellent wedding photographer and have gained confidence in my ability not only to capture those truly important moments from the first kiss to the first dance, I have also been opened to a whole new creative area to explore given that weddings also hold a large amount of small sublte details just wating to be found!

Below you will find a collection of images from these recent weddings, I thought it was about time I shared them with everyone :)

 This image beautifully demonstrates just one way I have tried to capture the purity and elegance of a physically very small item but one so very important to any wedding day.

The Bride and her Mum sharing a truly special moment for a mother and daughter. I was abe to utilise the mirror in the room to capture this image which meant I did not interrupt the moment only capture it for them to be able to share forever. 


This Bride and Groom married in the hotel they work, live and originally met so it was only fitting that I captured them taking their first walk around the grounds as a married couple. I assisted the very talented Lauren Campbell Photography with this wedding.



Images such as these are some of my favourite, I love to capture those candid moments, no posing, no feeling like your cheeks hurt from the endless smiles........These images are just sheer love and joy within moments of one beautiful memory. 

Children at weddings are so fun to photograph.....sometimes challenging....but always fun. They are so unpredictable and spontaneous, you never know if they will smile or scream but both will usually turn out a fantasic final image, even if one that will be hidden until that perfect 18th birthday moment! 

I don't have any set price lists as I prefer to sit down with each client over a coffee and work out exactly what they are looking for and together create the perfect custom package that will best capture your big day. If you would like more information please get in contact 


You take beautiful photos. If we were getting married in your country, I would definitely like you to do a photo session for us. Well done, greetings from Poland!
Beautiful couple in a beautiful pose.
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