Before & After exposure stacking

August 12, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Here are a few before and after images from some of the recent exposure stacks I have been doing while

out exploring with my beautiful daughter :) 


I love using this technique to make long exposure images as I also get the option to make time-lapse video

from the images as well although thats something I have been neglecting a wee bit recently.


It was a nice feeling reaching the top of the hill and then sitting enjoying the view with my daughter,

all she wanted to do was head back down to throw stones in the water once we got to the top haha.


So before heading back down to throw stones I got her to stand for a selfie of the two of us, this is becoming

a habit of mine when we go out our wee adventures it will be nice looking back on them all years down the line

and remembering those days out :)


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