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Over the last few months I have been lucky to test a few products from Saal Digital. All the test products were fantastic quality overall and have stood up to some pretty good tests since I have had them for instance I let a class full of primary 4s pass one of the photobooks around between them that soon turned into a tug of war not that you would notice that when looking at the book it came back perfect.

After seeing the quality and durability that Saal Digital offered through the product testing I decided to print my personal project that documented my favourite landscapes along the West Highland Way into a photobook knowing that it would be made to very high standards and print out looking exactly as the files I send them look, I won’t lie I got quite excited when I started to lay the images out into the book creation software knowing I would soon be ordering the final photobook.

After hitting order, it took just under a week to receive my photobook and I quickly opened it up to find yet another perfectly made photobook. The presentation box I had ordered was very well put together with the colour matching the cover of my photobook, the foam inside fits the book perfectly so it won’t move or fall out if like me you open it upside down. The way the book is bound together helps it lay flat on a table so that you see the full images without that awkward bending near the spine some books have and also looks a lot nicer in general I think. I had chosen to go with a matte finish to the paper and the images have printed out great the colour is bright and vibrant making the images pop from the page. In this photobook I had also used text and that has come out very crisp and clear making it a joy to read.

Overall I couldn’t be happier with the photobook I received from Saal Digital it just meets every expectation I had when I hit the order button I can’t recommend them enough their quality it is hard to beat. Let me know what you think in the comments below. 

The images from the West Highland Way can be viewed and purchased here GALLERY. Thanks for reading.



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