Highlander Rambler 66 Review 2017

April 22, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I wanted to do a review on the rucksack I bought to do the West Highland Way with as I encountered many issues with the quality.

Above is the rucksack I bought from a local camping shop in Glasgow as it was a great size for my needs and the Highlander brand is supposed to be good quality however that is far from what I got as the stitching in a lot of areas started to come away within the first few hours leaving for the West Highland Way. Mid way along the Loch Lomond section of the trek the left shoulder strap snapped completely beyond any repair as the plastic clasps on the strap snapped.


Above left is the snapped shoulder strap clasp made from cheap plastic. Middle image is the top support strap that snapped that I had to tie to another part of the bag along with adding a few extra stitches to strengthen the terrible stitching already there. Right image is the mess of the strap that I had to tie up to the top section so I could get the bag home. 

I contacted the shop I purchased the bag from who informed me that I would need to contact Highlander directly as it was a manufacturer fault I was surprised with this as they have a duty to their customers and should have exchanged the bag or offered a refund as they are the retailer I purchased from and they should have contacted Highlander themselves about the issue. I did get in contact with Highlander who were friendly enough, commenting on the quality of my work having looked at my website. However, I feel most of their general correspondence was more angled towards me feeling that it would be unfair to give an honest review of their product as they had been friendly with them. Although in saying that, they have still been of no help as I was told to contact the shop once again and I was just being bounced between them with nobody actually resolving the issue and I extremely doubt Highlander or the shop will do anything at this point now. I will be staying away from Highlander from now on as the reviews I have looked up for various products they produce are far from good and a large portion of them are all to do with poor stitching and cheap plastic clasps that snap under small strain not what you would expect for any rucksack let alone one from an established brand that claims to produce quality products. 

Luckily for me I was able to get another bag from Vango that held up perfectly fine with the same weight if not more in it for the rest of the West Highland Way.


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