Saal-Digital Wall Decor

March 03, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I received my two wall decor prints from Saal-Digital and wanted to share what I think about the quality of them. I chose to have them printed on PVC foam board with the aluminium sub frame mounting option and was a little apprehensive at that choice as I have had the same PVC board from other printing labs that hasn't been cut properly but that is not the case with Saal-Digital it is cut to perfection without a single rough edge. 

The colour saturation is fantastic and looks no different to how the images appear on my computer screen thats always a quality I will look out for with printing labs.


Again the software Saal-Digital have on offer to design your prints was very simple to use and has a range of layout options or a completely blank canvas to work from allowing anyone to navigate their way through it perfectly fine without getting their head in a spin.

I highly recommend printing with Saal-Digital they have a lot of pride in the prints that they produce and have a very good price range to suit anyones budget.


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