Purna Sanjeevani

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Purna Sanjeevani


This school was located in the old town of Dhulikhel and some parts were under construction as they needed to expand their classrooms to allow for the large number of students. We all assembled in the principal’s office so he could welcome us and introduce himself, this was followed by a cup of tea. I am dairy intolerant and the tea in front of me had milk in, I didn’t want to be rude and drank the tea anyway only to have no side effects whatsoever from it I was amazed.



We all broke off into our teams and headed to our classrooms, due to the construction our team was split between buildings 5 minutes apart, the main one housing the older students and the other the younger students. In the classroom we began to teach about sexual health a very untouched subject in all the schools we found, the kids responded really well and asked questions on the various topics without feeling embarrassed.



On the second day at the school I had decided to go to the other building to help out with the younger kids in a classroom as they had the largest student number we had seen so far totaling 45 in one class. It was very hard work trying to teach the kids in this class as there were a fair few trouble makers along with the language barrier. It was hard seeing the children that wanted to learn but them not getting the chance with the rest being disruptive and this was something we took to the principal at the end of the day. To try and get through to the children we had asked for a translator to come into the class and 5 minutes later a teacher came in to try her best to help us, she was really good at getting through what we were saying but still some kids were just being a pain even for her. I was glad at the end of this day but I don’t see it as a bad day just more experience to take away from this trip.



Just before we left I went back to the class I was in on day one to see how they got on with the posters they were making and I am so glad that I did they had done a fantastic job on them in such short space of time.


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