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The last school was also the smallest school we had been to with only 35 students going there, again this school was located within Dhulikhel not far from us. We arrived just in time for the kids morning assembly held outside in the playground, one boy was stood at the front banging a drum while a girl was giving orders to the rest of them. The welcome by the principal and her teaching staff was great we all say around on the floor introducing ourselves one by one.

With there being so few students we had a fair few volunteers per class and this worked out great in the classroom with the younger ones, they enjoyed the attention although some were very curios of us and sat back for the first little while but soon warmed up to us and joining in with the colouring.

The kids did the work really well in the older classrooms and seemed very focused on what we were teaching them and they asked a lot of questions about why we were checking their BMI, eyes etc. With the majority of the students being younger it was really good showing them the camera, they were very curious looking down the lens giving me some great portraits full of personality, some of the younger girls would wear makeup around their eyes as part of their religion, it was to ward off demons.

On the last day at the school we played a lot of games with the children. It was a strike that day so we ended up with kids coming from the previous schools we had volunteered with to join in on the games and to say goodbye before we left in a few day’s time. I really enjoyed that the other children came down on their day off to see us and to take part in all the games and dancing.

After the games we went into the large classroom for the principals goodbye speech where she gave us all a scarf for luck, I was over the moon when everyone got a plane one and then I was handed a bright colourful one when they came to me, I still to this day have no idea why I got a different one at first I thought it was because I was the only male but then the in country leader got the same one and she’s female so it couldn’t be that, the mystery continues.

Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed the little snippets from each school as much as I enjoyed writing about them.

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