Shreekhandapur School

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Shreekhandapur School

The third school we volunteered with was not that different to the previous schools we had been to, the classrooms were set out much the same very minimal, nothing on the walls and only desks and chairs in the classrooms, this is because of the earthquake risk the minimal classes reduce the risk or injury from falling objects etc. As we arrived it was the morning prayer time and all the students were outside singing the national anthem.

We began the day getting to know the children and break down the barriers with them, we did this by playing some games with them and let them ask any questions they had about Scotland or ourselves that they wanted to know. The class were very artistic so we used this and got them into teams to make posters about nutrition, what's good at one side and bad at the other. I started to really enjoy teaching in the schools by this time as my confidence had grown a lot and it did help having my camera the kids loved it and were keen on learning a bit about it and I was happy to teach.


We had a teacher come into the class in the afternoon and he helped translate when needed but also did origami with the kids while they waited to be shouted over to have their height, weight and eyes checked by Lynsey and myself. During the eye test a girl Laxmi struggled with the eye chart and desperately needed glasses, I brought this up with the in country staff who were amazing at contacting the principal who then in turn contacted the family, Laxmi did have glasses before we found out but they had broken and the family could not afford to replace them so for a year she went without glasses. After about a week Laxmi was taken by the in country staff to be fitted for a new pair something I was extremely happy to hear.

On the last day at Shreekhandapur we were lucky to see the children make posters and cards for teacher’s day that would be happening the following day, it was nice to see that they have a day specifically to say thank you to teachers for all the work they do.

In the afternoon of the last day at the school the children tried to teach us how to speak a bit of Nepali, something a lot of the kids from all the schools liked to do. I think we did ok but still a long way to go before I could have a conversation, I picked up the simple words that helped in the classroom like sit, quiet, ok etc.

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