Shewat Ganesh School

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After leaving the first school on such a high we were all excited to move onto the next.

The second school our team was volunteering with was Shewat Ganesh, this school was pretty small in size but has a fair few students that go there. The one thing that struck me about this school was the things that have been donated to them are kept locked away from the kids, we opened a box in the staff office that had a Unicef logo on it to find it was full of new sporting equipment while the kids were left using very old broken equipment. We did however take the equipment out and started to use it with the kids so hopefully it wont go back into a box never to be seen.


Shewat Ganesh SchoolShewat Ganesh

The kids at this school were the same as before very happy and eager to learn what we had to teach them and they also loved showing us how to play Nepali games. One of their favorite games to play in our class was hangman, I forgot how fun that game can be and is also a good one for the children to learn English a bit more not that they were that bad anyway they clearly spend a lot of time on that subject.

Shewat Ganesh SchoolShewat Ganesh

The children were great at drawing, I suppose you can put that down to the fact they dont sit glued to a computer or phones all the time and actually do something productive with their time instead :)

There was a dog at this school that just wandered around, it came sprinting into the class I was working with chasing the smallest kitten I have ever seen, I quickly picked the kitten up out the way of the dog :)

Shewat Ganesh SchoolShewat Ganesh

Shewat Ganesh SchoolShewat Ganesh

The school was very welcoming and was sad to see us leave and I am sure many of our team felt the same way.

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