Rotary Club of Dhulikhel

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Rotary Club of Dhulikhel

On one of our days off while everyone from the group went into Kathmandu for some sightseeing I was invited to the Rotary club of Dhulikhel meeting being held that morning and then to the dinner in the evening.


The day started off with members of the Rotary club handing out water filters to a local community, I was invited to be part of handing them out and got to meet all of the people while I did. The water filters are going to be fantastic as the water can be dangerous in Nepal even more so during the monsoon season.


After we were finished in the morning I was taken to the hotel for the Rotary meeting, I was lucky to be invited over by the mayor of Dhulikhel for a coffee while they set up the meeting area, he was a lovely man, very down to earth and keen to hear about my thoughts on the town, how our trip was going and to hear about my daughter. I felt great after sitting with the mayor it's not often I get the opportunity to sit and have coffee with a mayor :)

The Rotary meeting got underway and they discussed their active and future projects in the area, some of the meeting I don't know what went on as they spoke in Nepalese. Once the meeting was finished we went and had some lunch in a local Cafe, if your ever in Nepal momos are a must try I could eat them all day.


Later that day it was onto another hotel for another meeting and then dinner, the meeting didn't last long and we were soon all outside chatting and having fun while dinner was prepared. The night got livelier when the live singer came out and started preforming her set and everyone had a little more to drink. It was very nice looking around at all the smiling faces and hearing the laughter although everyone was dressed smartly and I'm stood in my trekking gear sticking out like a sore thumb.


The view from the hotel was stunning, a long sweeping valley opened up right below the balcony and the view off into the distance was something I could look at forever. After a little while dinner was brought out and everything was lovely, I did get one potato dish that was extremely hot I couldn't eat that :)

Dinner finished i made the short 10 minute walk back to our base with Ranjeev the man who looked after us throughout our time in Nepal, he also took me out on a number of occasions in the early morning to show me around, I did enjoy those walks as it gave me a look at the real culture.

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