Pancha Kanya

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Pancha Kanya


The fourth school was very busy with preparations for teacher’s day when we arrived and so that meant many of the students were out of class leaving only a small number for us to teach.  We learnt a bit about the children through drawing and then we did the health checks, it seemed a bit of a short morning as we got through everything so quickly due to the small numbers so we decided to take the children outside to have some fun with them for a while until the teacher’s day show was ready.

There was a small girl in the playground that is only 2 years old and this was her first day at school hopeful a day she won’t forget with the amount of things going on and all the happy faces running around. She was great for photographs with the big eyes and very curios of the camera, many of the kids seemed this way with the camera always wanting to see themselves on the screen and then back in front again to pull another face I was in my element to say the least.

It was great sitting at the side for a bit with my camera capturing candid shots of everyone playing and having fun. The bubble we had brought with us went down a storm at this school with there being such a small number of children, it was amazing to watch their faces light up with joy when they were chasing the bubbles or blowing them.

We all went into the last classroom for the teacher’s day show, to this point we still had no idea what to expect. The show started with the principal giving a few words and then he handed over to three female students that sang us some Nepali song and then a song from One Direction, the girls then put on a dancing show that by the end I don’t think anyone was left sitting on their chairs. Once everyone was sat back down the teachers came around with the tikka, a bright red powder that they smear a line on your forehead with for good luck. At the end of the show we said our goodbyes and headed off back to camp to prepare for school five the next day.

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