Nepal Recovery

August 09, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

During my recent volunteering trip to Nepal I was show and told a first person account of what happened during and after the earthquake in 2015. The earthquake happened on a Saturday and that was extremely lucky as that is the only day that isn’t a school day in Nepal so the children were at home with their families. There have been villages completely destroyed and not recognised by the authorities, one girl around the age of 12-14 told me that her house had collapsed while she was still in it but she now lives in a tent all the time with a smile on her face. I was shown hundreds of images that showed the aftermath of the earthquake along with the amazing work carried out by the Rotary club of Dhulikhel that leapt to the aid of the community and still now continues to help provide and maintain projects throughout the area.


The one thing I was shown that really put things into perspective was a video made by a member of Rotary who does a huge amount to give back to his community, the video shows areas of Nepal mainly Kathmadu before, during and after the earthquake, it is a graphic video as it has footage from directly after the earthquake.


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