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After spending an amazing three weeks volunteering with schools in Nepal, I wanted to share my experience from the highs to the lows.

The trip was through two charities called Challenges Abroad and Future Sense Foundation, both charities run various projects in a number of countries. Our team was made up of 13 nursing students studying various fields at GCU and myself, we were there to teach the children in schools around a town called Dhulikhel about basic health care and first aid.

http://www.challengesabroad.co.uk/package/nepal-recovery-challenge/Challenges Abroad & Future Sense FoundationBoth charities work togeter for their projects

The first time our team got a chance for everyone to meet each other was at the airport the day we were setting off, this was mainly down to uni placement commitments and I was doing my graded unit in the weeks leading up to trip and that left everyone pretty busy. It was a daunting thought meeting everyone in that way but it turned out to be great, everyone was on a high and excited about what was ahead and that made it much easier :)

After a very long flight with one great lightening show during the night we finally landed at Kathmandu Airport and we're instantly greeted by the heat and humidity.

www.garyellisphotography.co.ukOn our wayThe long awaited landing at Kathmandu airport

We all managed to get through the airport pretty quickly and that was great after the flight. While we were heading over to the bus the charity had arranged to pick is up a few of the team were singled out by men wanting to carry the bags, even when they didn't carry any bags they demanded money and ended up with around $90 in the end from what everyone had given. It wasn't the best start to the trip :) but was soon forgotten.

After an hour bus ride through the outskirts of Kathmandu we arrived at a small town called Dhulikhel that was home while we were in Nepal. I was shattered by this point but excited to see where we would be living so I dropped my bags off in my room and had a quick look around, the place was great it has so much going on, amazing views, comfortable accommodation, brilliant staff and local to the main parts of town.

www.garyellisphotography.co.ukWe are hereThe traffic in Nepal was insane but ran very smoothly

The viewWhat we were lucky to wake up to every moring

Once we had settled for a couple of hours we were straight into team building with the in country staff from the charity, this didn't go down to well with everyone being so tired but it was a good laugh none the less.

www.garyellisphotography.co.ukTeam BuildingStill very jetlagged but the games were fun

We were welcomed for dinner with a huge selection of the freshest food I have ever tasted, something I learnt quickly in Nepal is that they can eat :) the food all had a bit of a spice to it that complimented it very well.

So the first day of volunteering beings with Mountain View School, it was the only private school that we worked with during our time there and it had some noticeable differences to the other schools, both good and bad.

To begin the day the Mount View scouts put on a great show and then we were welcomed by all the teaching staff, a very nice way to meet everyone.

Mount View School DhulikhelMount View School Dhulikhelwww.garyellisphotography.co.uk

My wife and I were tasked with teaching grade 2 and 3 at Mount View, that was a great way to start the trip for me as most of the kids were extremely eager to learn and help us with anything.

www.garyellisphotography.co.ukTeachingThe kids were amazing, very eager to learn from us.

I was lucky at the schools mainly down to me making photographs, I was able to sneak in and out of everyone's class giving me the chance to see them in action :)

Mount View School DhulikhelMount View School Dhulikhelwww.garyellisphotography.co.uk

On the last day with Mount View most of the classes were out playing games in the afternoon, it was great seeing all the happy smiling faces everywhere, we had brought bubble mixture with us thanks to my wife's friend for that :) the bubbles went down a storm with everyone as the pictures below show.

Mount View School DhulikhelMount View School Dhulikhelwww.garyellisphotography.co.uk

Mount View School DhulikhelMount View School Dhulikhelwww.garyellisphotography.co.uk Mount View School DhulikhelMount View School Dhulikhelwww.garyellisphotography.co.uk


I put together all the video footage and made a rough video that you can view at the bottom of the post, I will be updating it with a more polished version in the  future once all the still images are finished off

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