The beauty of Nepal

July 11, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I have well and truly fallen in love with Nepal, the people have made us feel so welcomed and are always eager to show us around. We have been working with mountain view secondary school, I can't believe how well behaved all the children are, they are far better than the kids I have seen back home purely down to the fact the have huge amounts of respect for all the teachers, I was watching children as young as 2-3 doing sums such as 45 + 23, I know that doesn't seem that difficult but when you think how young they are it makes it amazing, I have also been taken to a restaurant and the Nepali food is lovely, if you ever find yourself in Nepal I highly recommend Dhulikhel and mo mos for something to eat. Most of the images are on my Dslr and won't be online until I get home as I don't have access to computers and the WiFi isnt that great and the have scheduled power cuts :)


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