New Camera

July 03, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I decided to upgrade my phone recently because my old one had decided it didn't like a mobile signal and I couldn't get calls or texts. After looking at a few phones focusing more on the camera than anything else I went with the Sony Xperia M5, so far as a phone I couldn't be happier, it runs smoothly with the added bonus of being waterproof. I mainly got the phone for the 21MP camera, my last phone had an 8MP camera so there was a noticeable jump in quality straight away. The camera has a nice set of features but does struggle a bit with the focusing but not to the point your missing every shot. The zoom has a good reach and produces good quality in the resulting images, I would however like to see the manual settings expanded as the camera favours a slow shutter in low light leading to blurry images most of the time unless you were to use a support, but who really wants to set a tripod up for a phone? Overall the camera is good although I am still exploring what it can do and hope to test it out a bit more while I am away in Nepal so keep an eye out for future updates :) Above is an image captured by the Xperia M5 *** Remember to add GEPPRINT2016 during checkout ***


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