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A couple of weeks ago I was given the chance to try a free photobook from a printing company called Saal-Digital, they gave me a gift voucher for £40 to use during checkout once I had designed my photobook using the downloadable software from their website. The software was easy to install and very simple to use making it easier to focus on what you want the photobook to look like rather than hunting for settings hidden way.

The photobook itself is fantastic, I chose to go with an A4 landscape photobook with a glossy padded cover with my own images printed on the front, inside I selected 30 pages and used a mixture of the provided templates and dragging and dropping to design the layout of the pages all pinted on matte paper.

The photobook pages are a good thickness and that says good quality paper was used to me, the book is bound together very well ensuring it lasts for a long time and also give the photobook more durability when people are looking trough it.

The pages of the photobook have repoduced the colours from camera to print extremely well and look the same to what I see on my computer screen if not better with the slight texture to the matte paper :) Saal-Digital provide theis ICC profiles on their website so you can alway ensure you get the best colours possible when printing with them and is something I would strongly suggest you do before printing any images :)

The text on the front cover is very sharp and clear and the glossy cover doesnt feel sticky or hold onto finger prints like you would expect it to, I am glad that I opted for the padded cover it makes the book feel nice in your hand and I think it looks a lot better than a standard hardcover.


Overall I would highly recommend Saal-Digital Fotoservice as a printing lab and their photobook product, its a very professionally made photobook that looks and feels great, they also offer a wide range of other products and services.


Thanks for reading :)



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