Gary Ellis Photography: Blog en-us (C) Gary Ellis Photography (Gary Ellis Photography) Mon, 21 May 2018 10:57:00 GMT Mon, 21 May 2018 10:57:00 GMT Gary Ellis Photography: Blog 120 80 Wedding Photography Over the last few years I have had some great opportunities to assist a number of talented photographers capture one of the most special days of many peoples lives....Your Wedding Day. Its always special covering a wedding and getting to share that day of joy with the couple and the ones who love them most. So now that I have experienced what it takes to be an excellent wedding photographer and have gained confidence in my ability not only to capture those truly important moments from the first kiss to the first dance, I have also been opened to a whole new creative area to explore given that weddings also hold a large amount of small sublte details just wating to be found!

Below you will find a collection of images from these recent weddings, I thought it was about time I shared them with everyone :)

 This image beautifully demonstrates just one way I have tried to capture the purity and elegance of a physically very small item but one so very important to any wedding day.

The Bride and her Mum sharing a truly special moment for a mother and daughter. I was abe to utilise the mirror in the room to capture this image which meant I did not interrupt the moment only capture it for them to be able to share forever. 


This Bride and Groom married in the hotel they work, live and originally met so it was only fitting that I captured them taking their first walk around the grounds as a married couple. I assisted the very talented Lauren Campbell Photography with this wedding.



Images such as these are some of my favourite, I love to capture those candid moments, no posing, no feeling like your cheeks hurt from the endless smiles........These images are just sheer love and joy within moments of one beautiful memory. 

Children at weddings are so fun to photograph.....sometimes challenging....but always fun. They are so unpredictable and spontaneous, you never know if they will smile or scream but both will usually turn out a fantasic final image, even if one that will be hidden until that perfect 18th birthday moment! 

I don't have any set price lists as I prefer to sit down with each client over a coffee and work out exactly what they are looking for and together create the perfect custom package that will best capture your big day. If you would like more information please get in contact 

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Social media profiles Recently I have had more time to add images to my social media profiles so if you would like to give me a follow on Facebook or Instagram you will be able to see all my new work a lot sooner.



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Another collection of recent work A few more images from my recent travels around Scotland and a few from when the snow started to come down. 

As always thank your for having a look at my recent work leave any feedback you have in the comments below. All the images can be purchased in the Nature Gallery 

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Recent nature work This is just a wee collection of my recent work while out walking a few trails all the images will be available in the Nature Gallery any and all feedback is more than welcome.

The two images above are shot 4 years apart I just love how the boat sits on the almost glass like water creating a perfect reflection. No doubt I will shoot it again in the future.

Thanks for taking the time to look at my recent work.

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Recent Portraiture I have made a wee collection of my recent portraits below however the full collection can be seen in my Portrait Gallery

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Nature Photography A few more nature images from recent walkabouts around the beautiful Scottish landscapes 

Its always nice getting out into the national park at night when its quiet its such a peaceful mood I highly recommend giving it a go even if your not making photographs looking up and enjoying the night sky is worth it :)

I have hundreds of images from the above locations and every single one looks completely different from the next its amazing how much the landscape changes.

Finally we got enough snow to go sledging and make snowmen although it always seems to play havoc on the transport in Scotland you would think we would have had a handle on it by now :)

Thanks again for taking the time to have a look at the new work and as always they are available to purchase in a variety of formats that you can see HERE. The images in this post will slowly make their way into the Nature Gallery but if you cant wait feel free to get in contact and I will do my best to help :)

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Recent Nature Photography A wee collection of my recent nature photography, it's never disappointing picking the camera up and going out for a walk through the countryside you end up finding some beautiful locations not often visited by others :) 

Above are two exposure stacks of Loch Lomond that give the images the look of a long exposure one of my favourite technique to use. Creating an exposure stack is pretty straightforward once you have tackled it a few times but is something I recommend taking the time to learn it opens up a lot more creative options.

Some of the very friendly wildlife around the picturesque Loch Lomond.

The mountains around Drimsynie, I had to pull over to capture the rainbow it was the first time I have ever clearly seen the end sadly no pot of gold though :)

The Rest and be Thankful is always a great wee spot to stop off at for a while the lighting changes so quickly here giving some dramatic looks to the scene. 

A very colourful sunset over the snow dusted mountains around Drinsynie.

The moon rising over the mountains lighting them up and the still water of Loch Lomond captured with a long exposure.

A wee mixed red and grey squirrel enjoying the spoils from foraging on a cold winter morning. 

These images will all make their way into my main nature gallery over the next few weeks but if you would like to order a copy before then just get in contact and I would be happy to arrange that :) you can see the printing options HERE 

Thanks again for taking the time to have a wee look at the images :)


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A few recent images A few more of the images I have been making recently while I have been out and about :)

I could sit in front of a fish tank for days making images with a macro lens its great fun. 

I also took my daughter horse riding recently and safe to say I had my camera with me as usual to capture the moments :)

A few landscapes from my early mornings and late nights 

The next two landscapes I created by blending multiple images called exposure stacking.

Thanks for taking the time to have a look and remember all the images can be purchased in a variety of shapes and sizes in the gallery :)

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Nature? Litter Documentary Project I started working on a documentary project over a year ago now called Nature? that focuses on the littering issue within Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park one of my favourite places to spend the day and thats partly the reason for this project I would love to see people actually use the many bins rather than just drop their rubbish and see the park cleaned up and I thought a project highlighting the issue might help. 

I have had great fun shooting this project so far its really easy to get lost in the subject the sad thing is I am not stuck for subjects to shoot hopefully that will change and it will get harder :)

The image above on the left was lit with sunshine coming through the trees I think this gave the image a really nice look and fits well with the style of my project, the above right image was lit with a speedlight to help it stand out from the surroundings. 

I am just amazed at how much rubbish there is throughout the national park and its supposed to be Scotlands most loved Loch unfortunately it doesn't look like it at all. There are plenty of bins throughout the park so really no excuse for just dropping rubbish and honestly it seems mental that people are happy to take it with them but when its empty and weighs nothing its too much to drop it in a bin.

A while ago I provided an image to a fantastic roll shop in Balloch called Wizgonies well worth a visit if you ever find yourself in this part of the world, the image I provided was used on their sandwich boxes so I knew it wouldn't be long until one of my own images was the subject for my project but that didn't make it any easier when it finally happened. It took me around 40 minutes to get over my annoyance and then make the image when in reality it was just another bit of litter on the ground. 

I feel that this project is far from over more like its just starting and I will be adding to it for a long time yet but I felt it was time to display the project so far in the hope that it gets people to think a bit more about their actions and how damaging litter is to the environment. Who wants to go out for the day to a beautiful park to be surrounded by litter can't say that I would enjoy that.

I want to say as well that every bit of litter that was photographed for this project was picked up afterwards and put into the bin apart from a few ridiculously big gas canisters that I couldn't move on my own so I reported to the park authority and the local council. 


If you have any feedback on the project I would love to hear it leave a comment below or send me a wee email :)

Thanks for taking the time to have a wee look stay tuned for future updates :)

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Random Recent Images Its been a bit of a mix the things I have been shooting recently and I wanted to share them with you all, let me know what you think :)


The first image is a long exposure stack of the sunrise created using 30 images that I blended together in Photoshop to give the long exposure loog to the final image. 

I see this man pretty often in the morning going for a quick row through the Loch it deffo beats the views you would get at a gym :) 

A few from Balloch park a place that will always be special to me as my interest for photography was sparked there years ago :)

A couple of swans coming to see if I had any food for them they are pretty friendly but I still wouldn't get too close myself 


All the images can be purchased in a variety of mediums from canvas wraps to fine art prints why not treat yourself and your home :)

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Sallochy Bay camping A few images from a recent camping trip over the September weekend with my gorgeous wee family to Sallochy bay campsite on Loch Lomond. On the way to the campsite we decided to get the bus to Balmaha and walk from there because in my head it was only a 20 minute walk I was sooo wrong with that estimation and two hours later we got to the campsite with not one moan form my daughter who is 5 and was carrying all her own stuff I was pretty impressed with that :)

The first night was great the weather held and meant we could sit out around the camp fire until it was late and thankfully no midges around. We had planned to stay another night but the weather turned during the night and we woke up to the sound of heavy rain on the tent never a motivating sound to get out of your warm sleeping bag to. 

It was nice just setting my camera up and forgetting about it while i threw stones into the water with my daughter although I forgot about it and end ended up leaving it on the beach a few times deffo need to stop that haha. 

Its a great wee campsite that has some great views over the Loch deffo worth a visit 

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Recent Work I have had the chance to get out exploring more with my beautiful daughter recently and we have been creating a few self portraits from our adventures something I will be trying to do every time now it will be great to look back on them all one day when she's not interested in hanging out with dad anymore because its not cool :)

The images below are from a shoot I had with the talented Shannon Von Doom and Sian Kydd Photography give their work a look you wont be disappointed :)

Thanks for reading :)

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Abstract Portrait Before & After I wanted to share a before and after of one of my favourite portraits that I have made so far.


I shot this portrait in my house using a single speedlight with a softbox attached along with a reflector to bounce a little light onto the shadow side, the backdrop was a very cheap set I got from eBay that came with a few colours to choose from not that the colour mattered for this shot as I had wanted to keep this one black and white.

I started off with the model (my lovely wife) kneeling in front on the background and started to position her hand so that the mirror shard would cover her eyes easier said than done.

Once I had the mirror in position I took a few shots moving the reflector round to better fill in the shadows, then I positioned the model facing the camera to capture the image that would replace the reflection on the mirror using the same lighting to keep the look consistent.

The next step was to take the images into Photoshop to start bringing my idea to life, I began with masking out the portrait to fill in the mirror I changed the blend mode of this layer to lighten and gave it a gradient as this allowed for some of the dust specks to come through giving it a more natural look.

I started to clean up the creases in the backdrop with the clone stamp as I didn’t want to remove them completely because I think the textured look gave more interest and depth to the image,

The I converted the image to black and white and using a curves layer I added a bit more contrast to the image and gave it a matte look to finish.

Looking back at the image there are a few things I would do differently and a few things I would change but very happy with the outcome :)

As always thanks for reading :)

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New Images I have had these images sitting on my computer for what feels like an age now finally glad to get a chance to finish them off :)

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Before & After exposure stacking Here are a few before and after images from some of the recent exposure stacks I have been doing while

out exploring with my beautiful daughter :) 


I love using this technique to make long exposure images as I also get the option to make time-lapse video

from the images as well although thats something I have been neglecting a wee bit recently.


It was a nice feeling reaching the top of the hill and then sitting enjoying the view with my daughter,

all she wanted to do was head back down to throw stones in the water once we got to the top haha.


So before heading back down to throw stones I got her to stand for a selfie of the two of us, this is becoming

a habit of mine when we go out our wee adventures it will be nice looking back on them all years down the line

and remembering those days out :)

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Photobook from Saal Digital

Over the last few months I have been lucky to test a few products from Saal Digital. All the test products were fantastic quality overall and have stood up to some pretty good tests since I have had them for instance I let a class full of primary 4s pass one of the photobooks around between them that soon turned into a tug of war not that you would notice that when looking at the book it came back perfect.

After seeing the quality and durability that Saal Digital offered through the product testing I decided to print my personal project that documented my favourite landscapes along the West Highland Way into a photobook knowing that it would be made to very high standards and print out looking exactly as the files I send them look, I won’t lie I got quite excited when I started to lay the images out into the book creation software knowing I would soon be ordering the final photobook.

After hitting order, it took just under a week to receive my photobook and I quickly opened it up to find yet another perfectly made photobook. The presentation box I had ordered was very well put together with the colour matching the cover of my photobook, the foam inside fits the book perfectly so it won’t move or fall out if like me you open it upside down. The way the book is bound together helps it lay flat on a table so that you see the full images without that awkward bending near the spine some books have and also looks a lot nicer in general I think. I had chosen to go with a matte finish to the paper and the images have printed out great the colour is bright and vibrant making the images pop from the page. In this photobook I had also used text and that has come out very crisp and clear making it a joy to read.

Overall I couldn’t be happier with the photobook I received from Saal Digital it just meets every expectation I had when I hit the order button I can’t recommend them enough their quality it is hard to beat. Let me know what you think in the comments below. 

The images from the West Highland Way can be viewed and purchased here GALLERY. Thanks for reading.


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Litter Documentary Project Earlier this year I started a small documentary project focusing on the littering throughout Loch Lomond and Trossachs national park, originally I had decided to focus the project on this area alone as it’s Scotland’s best loved Loch or so I had thought until I saw the extent of the littering.


Below are a few images from when I first started this project.


A few weeks ago I got the chance to walk the West Highland Way, this trip was partly the reason I want to expand the area of my project as the full route of the Way is covered with litter destroying the natural beauty of the landscape. I don’t know if it’s because I started the littering project but I seem to be more aware of litter when I’m out and about. I pretty much live in the park I would love to see it cleaned up and respected more.


Below are a couple of new images I have made to add to this project.


I have had good fun shooting for this project and can see it being one I am constantly adding to over the years. If it makes one person put their wrapper into their pocket or a bin rather than just drop it on the ground I will be very happy J


Thank you all for reading and don’t forget to subscribe to keep updated with new posts and upcoming discount codes.


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New Discount Code The next 50 orders through my website that use the limited discount code MAY50 will get 20% off their order total. the discount is limited to the galleries listed below. 

West Highland Way




Those four galleries provide a lot of variety to treat your home with :) if you don't see a size that you would like get in contact and I will try my best to accommodate your request. As always I am happy answer any questions you have before, during or after the order process. 


MAY50 Discount Code

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New West Highland Way Gallery I have worked my way through a bulk of the photographs from my recent trip along the West Highland Way and have decided to make a dedicated gallery for them here for you to check them out and let me know what you think :)

I had a great walking along the trail and seeing Scotland in a completely new way and I hope that these photographs can bring a little bit of that experience to everyone that views them and maybe inspire a few to take the trail on themselves you wont regret it :)

All the images are available for print in various formats and for May only there is 20% off all prints for the first 50 orders when you enter MAY50 during checkout, so why not treat your home to a wee bit of the Scottish Highlands 

I still have a few more photographs to work through so I will be updating the gallery a few times over the next few weeks so make sure to subscribe so you don't miss them :)

Thanks for reading

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Highlander Rambler 66 Review 2017 I wanted to do a review on the rucksack I bought to do the West Highland Way with as I encountered many issues with the quality.

Above is the rucksack I bought from a local camping shop in Glasgow as it was a great size for my needs and the Highlander brand is supposed to be good quality however that is far from what I got as the stitching in a lot of areas started to come away within the first few hours leaving for the West Highland Way. Mid way along the Loch Lomond section of the trek the left shoulder strap snapped completely beyond any repair as the plastic clasps on the strap snapped.


Above left is the snapped shoulder strap clasp made from cheap plastic. Middle image is the top support strap that snapped that I had to tie to another part of the bag along with adding a few extra stitches to strengthen the terrible stitching already there. Right image is the mess of the strap that I had to tie up to the top section so I could get the bag home. 

I contacted the shop I purchased the bag from who informed me that I would need to contact Highlander directly as it was a manufacturer fault I was surprised with this as they have a duty to their customers and should have exchanged the bag or offered a refund as they are the retailer I purchased from and they should have contacted Highlander themselves about the issue. I did get in contact with Highlander who were friendly enough, commenting on the quality of my work having looked at my website. However, I feel most of their general correspondence was more angled towards me feeling that it would be unfair to give an honest review of their product as they had been friendly with them. Although in saying that, they have still been of no help as I was told to contact the shop once again and I was just being bounced between them with nobody actually resolving the issue and I extremely doubt Highlander or the shop will do anything at this point now. I will be staying away from Highlander from now on as the reviews I have looked up for various products they produce are far from good and a large portion of them are all to do with poor stitching and cheap plastic clasps that snap under small strain not what you would expect for any rucksack let alone one from an established brand that claims to produce quality products. 

Luckily for me I was able to get another bag from Vango that held up perfectly fine with the same weight if not more in it for the rest of the West Highland Way.

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