Nepal Health Promotion

June 18, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

It's not long now until I set off for Nepal with a group of nursing students from GCU, the trip is health promotion as not many people in Nepal know basic health care so the aim of the nursing students is to travel to a few different schools teaching the children and it is hoped that they will then pass that knowledge onto their children. We will be setting off on the 8th of July for Kathmandu where we will be staying a a volunteer house, my plan for the trip along with helping the nursing students with their task is to document the trip buy capturing the interactions between the children and nursing students.Not many people are aware how impoverished Nepal really is and with the recent earthquake the situation has gotten a lot worse for the people living there. The trip has been organised by Challenges Abroad and the Future Sense Foundation, they run many volunteer projects around the world that anyone can join so if your looking to give back to those less fortunate. All the photographs from the trip will be displayed on my website from fundraising events leading up to departure to returning home. 


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